STORY: „On an idyllic Christmas evening, all members of the Verlaine Commune are brutally massacred by a mysterious killer. The only survivor of the tragedy is Verlaine’s young daughter Rebecca, who is seriously wounded and falls into a long coma.

Two years later, she awakes but her mind has blocked all past memories. Adopted by her aunt and uncle and thinking them to be her parents, the horrible truth is kept from her.“


2003, D, 85 min, 35 mm 16:9 color (Original English) Dolby SR

Horror -Thriller, Feature Film Cinema
DIRECTOR: Olaf Ittenbach
SCREENPLAY: Thomas Reitmair, Olaf Ittenbach
DoP: Holger Feig
EDITOR: Eckart Zerzawy
MUSIC: Albert G. Stiegl, Thomas Reitmair
PRODUCTION DESIGN: Thorsten Muehlbach
GAFFER: Ralf Nowak
MAKE-UP/SFX: Tommy Opatz, Olaf Ittenbach
COSTUME DESIGN: Barbara Schwarz
SOUND DESIGN: Eckart Zerzawy, Olaf Ittenbach
PRODUCERS: Yazid Benfeghoul, Ricky Goldberg, Leo Helfer
CAST: NATASZA BOON as Rebecca, BELA B. FELSENHEIMER as Gabriel Verlaine, JAMES MATTHEWS as Thomas Munster
DARYL JACKSON as David, ANIKA JULIEN as Young Rebecca
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Benfeghoul & Goldberg filmproductions in association with IMAS filmproductions

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